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Pick up order will need 20-30 minutes  and delivery will be 45 minutes—an hour 


we are open daily 11:00-9:00pm. buffet from 11:00am-3:00pm every day Dine in all day 

  • SHERRYL*******@GMAIL.COM posted at 3/25/2024
    Lacking attention to detail. Ordered no onion, no spice on my curry (as well as no carrot but not as huge of a deal to me) and got literally a WHOLE onion and way too much spice. I have GERD and can't tolerate spice well, as much as I love the flavor. My body doesn't tolerate onion well, either. So my curry is rendered completely inedible for me. I'm sure someone else would love it though.
    Super sad thing is I order here a lot, so they're usually good with knowing how I take my curry. But I always put it in the comments to exclude spice, onion, and carrot.